About Milan360

Milan360 Strategies, formerly known as JMPR, is a full service communications and events agency that pledges to offer it's clientele creative, strategy-driven results attained by noteworthy exposure, visionary ideas, and tactful consultant services through a 360 lens.

Founded in 2017, Milan360 Strategies has effectively enhanced and protected our many client's brands, reputations, image, and marketing strategies by sharing their stories through media, supporting their brand message via interactive engagements, and promoting audience awareness by creating interest through intriguing digital campaigns. We help to develop brands that demand attention across multiple audiences.


With a passion to share noteworthy media and a purpose to expand our client's visibility - at Milan360 - we take time to consider the details of our client's goals and then enhance their vision using custom campaign strategies. These strategies have increased client confidence in their own brands due to our powerful ideas that equally inform and transform the culture. 


We are able to deliver promising results due to our combination of traditional and modern public relations and communications practices which sets us apart from other boutique PR firms. 

What is your brand saying?

"Working with Your Most Dependable PR Girl was a great decision - I love when I make great decisions!"

"We were very impressed with the success of our event. Would definitely use these services again in the future."

"Our experience working with the agency was so smooth and satisfying; as expected."

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