How I Got Started in Business

It's crazy to see myself as an entrepreneur. I truly never wanted to own my own business. I never wanted the accountability. I was so afraid of my own potential that I used to limit myself to believing that I could never do what I am doing now. I remember there was a time where I didn't even know what public relations was. I make a joke all the time and tell people that I didn't find PR. PR found me. At one point, I wanted to be an accountant. I even got into an accounting program at Emory. I did really well in the program, landed my scholarship to help assist with some college, funds, and began my major in college in Economics. Then I remember thinking to myself, "who am I kidding? I hate numbers. I don't want to be this stressed for the rest of my life." Then, I went back to the drawing board. I entertained the idea of all those fancy careers your parents want you to have because they know it will be a guaranteed [cha-ching] check: a doctor, a lawyer, etc. That was NOT happening. Not my thing.

I started browsing the web one day just looking up careers where I could use my natural strengths. I know I am a people-person, I am social, I love to write, I am creative, I am kind of shy at times, and I love to be behind the scenes of some incredible things. Then, BOOM... there was my start to PR. Sounds easy? There's some more funny & sad details in between, but who cares to get into all that...

I then went on and started gaining as much experience as possible. For anyone looking to get into this industry, I can tell you right now: sometimes the degree and education is not enough. This is most definitely an industry where you have to work to gain credibility. The more experience you have, the better!

In a nutshell, I gained all the experience I could, work for some pretty heavy hitting firms and companies, and before I knew it, I had people reaching out requesting my services. I pretty much figured, if people trusted me with their brand, then why not go for it? I literally took a leap of faith, and WENT FOR IT. The rest is kind of history.

This may seem like a simple story about a girl who woke up one day and just changed her life starting with a vision. It's really not, but this is the basic timeline.

To sum my story up, I went through a lot of self doubt, a lot of doors being shut in my face, a lot of 'try this' and 'try that' all to realize I didn't like a lot of things, and a lot of things were not for me, until finally I found something that I am good at. I didn't even know I had a vision for JMPR, until it pretty much birthed itself. I owe much of my success to an incredible tribe of women consisting of friends, mentors, old supervisors, professors, and more. These people saw something in me that I didn't see in myself. They educated me, supported me, wiped my tears when things got hard, and walked me right into my vision which is now, JMPR.

For anyone reading this, I hope that you never start small. I hope that you dream BIG! Go for everything you want to do, and always ask questions, lean on friends & mentors, and educate yourself with experience. As a young entrepreneur, I am on an incredible journey and I thank God for the ability to be a part of an evolving industry that welcomes any determined professional. I'll be sharing a lot of tips & trades with you guys through this blog. Things that I have learned in my entire professional career, not just from entrepreneurship, and I hope it helps you guys a little bit with figuring out what lane you want to travel for your business and branding goals.

Goodluck, JMPR readers!

-Your Most Dependable PR Girl