Being the Brand

Being a brand is hard work. When you begin your journey of entrepreneurship, you realize that you just started something and you cannot really turn back now. Everything you do now is monitored through a little lens and picked a part. When I started JMPR, I was no longer Jasmine Murray. I was Jasmine Milan, Your Most Dependable PR Girl. Every room I walked into, no matter if I was working or enjoying my off day, I was Jasmine Milan, Your Most Dependable PR Girl. Sounds like pressure, huh? You don't know the half.

I had to now make a choice. Either I will wake up and step into this journey taking full responsibility of the brand I am now promoting, or I do something else. I chose my business and my brand, of course.

Now as mentioned before, with this comes responsibility. Many things that I used to do before, I had to stop. Many people that I used to hang out with before, no longer fit my brand and my vision. I had to grow up really quick in order to become the brand that people trust and actually want to work with.

I started surrounding myself with many likeminded individuals. Every place I went, I was always conscience of who was around, whether if I recognized their faces or not. I had to always be cognizant of the fact that I am a brand at all times, and should carry myself like one.

I can't stress how important this is for you new business owners- and especially, young business owners. As millennials, we often times want to have our cake and eat it too. This doesn't always work in business. You cannot call yourself a public figure, yet not be respectable. You cannot deem yourself a business owner, yet have no real business. You cannot make claims on what you are, and not live up to that.

Here are my tips for branding:

1. Act, Walk, Talk, and Live as though you have a crowd of over 500 people watching you at all times (because you actually do).

2. Be conscience of what you post on social media.

This is a BIG one. Living your life and being social is important. But the same way social media gets people in trouble in their relationships, it can get you in trouble in business too. Be careful with what you post because people will associate that with your brand.

3. Whoever you collaborate with is an extension of you.

Not every client is meant for you. Not every brand should be in partnership with you. Respect your brand by being aware of others.

4. Be authentic.

Show people who you are.

5. Strive for uniqueness.

This day in age, everyone wants to do everything, but it seems like everyone is doing the same thing. Take a different approach with your business to attract a different set of clientele.

-Your Most Dependable PR Girl